On 13th October 2012 thirty cyclists left Axminster in Devon and rode 769 miles to the Slow Food Salone del Gusto festival in Turin, Italy, in memory of Philippa Corbin. We rode to raise awareness of depression and raise funds for two charities.

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Welcome Back Evening/Charity Auction

Jackie and Rex Ireland are kindly opening the doors of Newlands Holiday Park,(www.newlandsholidays.co.ukCharmouth to welcome back and celebrate the triumph of Team SRTT.  The evening will include a charity auction (auctioneer Jim Rowe) with a wealth of surprising things (donated by local businesses) to buy.  The auction will be followed by dancing to the contemporary folk band SPIN 2.  Do come along, meet some of the cyclists and join in the fun of the evening.

DATE:  10th November, 2012

TIME:  7.30pm – Midnight

PLACE:  Newlands Holiday Park, Charmouth

ENTRY:  Free tickets in advance by email: enq@newlandsholidays.co.uk

Updated sponsors page!

On behalf of all the cyclists and support crew I would like to say a massive thank-you to all our sponsors for the massive contribution you all made to our ride and well-being.  Thank you!!

Check out our updated sponsors page for more information: http://www.slowridetoturin.co.uk/sponsors/

Day 13 Video Diary

Well here it is, the long anticipated Day 13 Video diary!  Worth the wait as we got some Venetia and Gabriel car-cam footage in there too!! :)

Logo and Mugs

We can’t help but feel the mood and pace for Slow Ride to Turin was very much set by its appealing and lively logo.  Designed by talented  Ullapool artist Charlotte Watters (http://www.wattermark.co.uk/), it captivated the spirit of the journey many, many  months before the cyclists set off.  Thank you so very much Charlotte.

Special thanks also to Lyme Regis professional photographer  Peter Wiles (http://www.lymescapes.co.uk/who has transported the SRTT logo to 32 mugs as a singular and very special trophy to recognise the achievement of Team SRTT; a profound reminder of the journey, its reasons and of Philippa.  Thank you so much Peter for your generous contribution.

With Gill & Tim at The Lingotto

As Gavin mentioned, blogging over the last few days has been difficult as we all tried to see as much as we could of Turin and then have wound way back to the UK via various means. So although it seems a while ago now, I feel Friday evening is really worth a mention…..

As a culmination of Slow Ride to Turin, the organisers of the Slow Food festival kindly put on a meal to draw attention to our achievement and to highlight the importance of ‘slow’ living for mental well being. The meal was held at the very top of the Lingotto building (for those that don’t know, this is an old car factory and also where the famous car chase in ‘The Italian Job’ was filmed). This meal was part of the official slow food programme and 20 Euros from each ticket sold is being donated to the charities we are supporting. Our part of the deal was to find 2 chefs to come out to Turin to cook the meal…..

Luckily Philippa had been good friends with 2 very talented chefs: River Cottage head chef Gill Meller and Tim Maddams who had worked with her at the RC canteen in Axminster. When we invited them to come and cook at Salone del Gusto, they were both delighted and honoured to do so.

So on Friday night, the majority of the cyclists swapped their lycra for dresses and shirts and headed to the top of the Lingotto. And what an unforgettable evening we all had! Seeing the perfectly set tables, laden with polished glasses we knew we were in for a pretty good evening ahead. But what was it to be? Italian or English? Using classic Italian ingredients Gill and Tim carefully prepared a magnificent feast with a River Cottage twist. It was divine! Just as the accompanying (generously sponsored) wines from Roero Arneis were (http://www.negroangelo.it/ing/vini.asp). How Philippa would have relished every mouthful of this special meal. The soft, fresh Itallian burreta cheese to start was just wonderful, my favorite was the beautifully cured mullet (course 3 or 4 I think), but the most unique and memorable was the pudding: pears accompanied by dolcelatte ice cream – a magnificent creation!

Spirits were high and the meal continued well into the night… it was gone 2pm by the time we got in our taxi (on the roof) and were driven down the famous ramps – a nice finishing touch to the evening (though we wish we could have cycled)!

Video and Photo updates…

Just a note to all our supporters that the Day 13 video will be up when Pam returns from Turin.  The video was edited and being uploaded via the slow hostel WI-FI when our laptop battery ran out.  Unfortunately we accidentally sent our charger back to Axminster on the van and couldn’t source a spare!  It is my plan to re-publish all the videos in a higher resolution format over the coming week and add them along with photos to the website.  Thanks for all your support and patience!

Graeme Obree offers support for the ride

This message from Graeme Obree ‘The Flying Scotsman’ came in the night before we left and it got missed in all the last-minute preparations.  Graeme is a Scottish racing cyclist who twice broke the world hour record, in July 1993 and April 1994, and was the individual pursuit world champion in 1993 and 1995.

“Can I Wish you all the best for your two wheeled expedition to Turin.  It is well known I have a passion for cycling and bikes.  However, I am also a great believer in the principles behind ‘Slow Food’ – it makes perfect sense to consume what you can grow locally and more often than not the local fare is the best in terms of flavour and freshness. You are cycling for a great cause, Philippa’s journey ended tragically all too soon, but your efforts will celebrate her life and her passion.  I hope you all enjoy the journey.”

Thanks Graeme – your support of the team means a great deal to us all!  Some of the riders are still out there – for example, Pam and Hugh are still at the festival in Turin, Michelle and Jen are cycling down to Florence, James and Will are heading for Rome and Brian is cycling 300 miles south to catch a ferry to Greece! :)

Press Articles

While us cyclist have been away we’ve been in the local press.

You can read the Bridport News article and click on the article from the Express and Echo below:

Express and Echo Article

Journey Continues ….

…yes, the journey down was exhilarting, the best ever, the cyclists said… there was a smell of rubber in the air.  A wheel problem and change of bike for Andy L, followed by a fast and busy journey to meet at our destination on the ouskirts of  Turin.  Nonie and  I were parked up, vergeside by a roundabout.  What joy it was to see our yellow jersey cyclists beating down a cycle to path towards us, yes all there, all 28 of them.  It was then a mere 15 mins or so (much longer by van) to reach The Lingotto building where we descended with exuberance and fulfillment to celebrate with Pip’s favourite Elderflower Champagne from Polgoon, thankful to be there and with dear Gill and Tim to welcome us - it was a moment to cherish.  Journey not over yet… and more of Gav’s video to come.

Adrian’s Day 13 Photos

Here are Adrian’s Day 13 photos…