On 13th October 2012 thirty cyclists left Axminster in Devon and rode 769 miles to the Slow Food Salone del Gusto festival in Turin, Italy, in memory of Philippa Corbin. We rode to raise awareness of depression and raise funds for two charities.

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Day 11 – Chambery to Saint Michel (57 Miles)

Savoie Region of the Rhone Alps

Specialities: Raclette, Vacherin (cheese), Tarteflette,  Gratin dauphinoise, sausages

It’s a steady uphill all the way today (we reached the foothills of The Alps).   Avoiding the main link road of the valley the route meanders along the river valley gradually ascending the western face of this alpine region with the welcome sound of cow bells cheering us on our way.

Unsurprisingly, and as each day goes by, the support crew are getting pretty sharp at identifying the cyclists at a distance by their legs, their bums and their riding style: the two Alices, the Ladies, the Vicar, the Alcopops and long legged Geoff, Rachel clustered with The Doc (in his sailing shorts).  Without doubt David gets the award for his very distinguishable manner of pushing those pedals.

It was an extraordinary day yesterday, the Alpine woodlands golden-yellow in the Autumn sun, and much fulfilment for The Team as they pedalled their way up The Col de Pine at 987 metres (Adrian did it twice!) – everyone pedalled all the way and their determination makes us very proud of them.

Video Diary

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Day 11 Map (a)

Day 11 Map (a)

Day 11 Map (b)

Day 11 Map (b)


Destination: Le Marintan, Rue de la Provaliere, 73140 Saint Michel de Maurienne, Saint Michel