On 13th October 2012 thirty cyclists left Axminster in Devon and rode 769 miles to the Slow Food Salone del Gusto festival in Turin, Italy, in memory of Philippa Corbin. We rode to raise awareness of depression and raise funds for two charities.

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Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

We have chosen The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust as one of the charities to raise money for through SLOW RIDE TO TURIN. Below is some information about the Trust.

The aims of The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust tie in well with our aims for the cycle ride. The Trust has done some fantastic work raising awareness of depression as an illness since it was set up 14 years ago, and is involved with some great projects (see below).

The money raised for The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust through the cycle ride will be allocated to projects based in the South West of England, such as arranging talks on depression in schools and colleges in order to raise awareness of depression amongst young people.

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

Registered Charity No: 1109984 Company No: 5447902

About the Trust

The Trust was set up in 1998 in memory of Charlie who committed suicide whilst suffering from depression. His family and friends formed the Trust with the following aims: to raise awareness of depression as an illness; to raise awareness of the symptoms of depression so that people would recognise them and particularly recognise them in others; to reduce the stigma attached to seeking help; to ensure help was available when needed.

The Trust targets schools, universities and firms with young trainees providing information on the symptoms of depression, seeking to encourage all to learn, and to watch out for themselves and others; and it seeks to make sure help is there through the training of GPs and their staff, school staff and nurses, and counsellors and psychotherapists.


Our vision is to raise awareness of depression as an illness, reduce the stigma attached to seeking help and promote mental wellbeing so that fewer people become depressed and individual suffering is reduced. It is vital that everyone recognises the signs of depression and mental illness so that they can understand and help their colleagues and friends.


We provide resources to inform about depression including an award-winning booklet on depression of which 7,200 copies have been distributed in the past year.

The award-winning Students Against Depression website (www.studentdepression.org) aims to provide self help and an online community for those in full and higher education who maybe suffering from depression whilst trying to study. The site received 82,000 visits during the past year.

Waller Mental Health Trainers and Associates
There are four regional Waller Trainers and Associates who provide training for primary care (GPs and their staff). They also provide training for employers about managing staff with depression and students and staff in schools, colleges and universities.

Clinical Support
The Charlie Waller Institute (www.reading.ac.uk/cwi) at Reading University offers workshops on evidence based psychological therapies, post graduate training at diploma level and training to a range of Tier 1 personnel. A total of 124 new therapists were trained in 2011.

A London Waller Trainer works with two London NHS Trusts to detect and support young people at risk of mild mental ill health and to promote resiliency.

The Future

CWMT will continue to deliver and expand the training and resources outlined above. The Trust for example has arranged a meeting with Professor Watkins of the Mood Disorders Centre at Exeter University to discuss a plan to disseminate information and training on mental wellbeing to doctors and Tier 1 workers. This has coincided with a request from the South West to Dr Marianne Freer (a Waller Associate) to do some more training with GP’s in the South West. We would also wish to talk to schools, the teachers, parents and pupils about mental wellbeing.