On 13th October 2012 thirty cyclists left Axminster in Devon and rode 769 miles to the Slow Food Salone del Gusto festival in Turin, Italy, in memory of Philippa Corbin. We rode to raise awareness of depression and raise funds for two charities.

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It’s 15 months since our steadfast cyclists took to roads and pedalled the 750 miles to Turin.  Reminiscences of those incredible  days are profound and we remember the time with much affection and fulfilment.

Fundraiser of the year - Maddy receives CWMT award.

Fundraiser of the year – Maddy receives CWMT award.

In November Maddy was awarded the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust fundraiser of the year – a terrific accolade but one which could only have been achieved because of the cyclists, our sponsors and the incredibly generous support that came from so many people.

More funding came for both charities in September 2013, when Keo Films entered 4 teams in the Diamond-Triathlon at Eton Dorney. Hugh and I went to watch the event and were moved by the determination of the teams as they swam, cycled and ran the allotted distances to complete the course. Eton Dorney is an inspirational venue for these endurance marathons and our thanks go to everyone who took part  - I think most of you  knew Pip.

Since the ride and the distribution of  funding raised, The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust have:

  • Given training to 350 GPs on the diagnosis and treatment of depression
  • Delivered mental health talks to 22 schools
  • Supported teaching of 130 therapists at The Charlie Waller Institute
  • Sent out 20,000 FANCY A CHAT booklets about depression.
  • Upgraded the Student’s against depression website (used by 12,000 people each month)
  • Monies raised from the Diamond Triathlon will go towards: guidance for parent on supporting son or daughter suffering from depression, School mental health talks across the country and training form managers on mental well being in the workplace.

Whilst The CWMT have been reaching out to schools and young people, The Humans Givens Institute are  planning to  part fund Randomised Controlled Trials to gain NICE accreditation and thus increase the availability of this advanced style of therapy to a a greater number of people.  Also, and very excitingly they are working on an App for mobile devices that will include The Human Givens principles to help users understand the cycle of  depression:

‘At the moment we envision a first version coming out sometime this year, the primary purpose of which will be to help those who are suicidally depressed: to detect them and connect them to effective help (first aid if you will). This is the first priority. As we see it now, the initial version of the app will also have an educational part explaining the cycle of depression, with animations so that it may be quickly and easily understood. (Many people have found that simply understanding this cycle has allowed them to break out of it and walk away, so this in itself will be very useful.’

All are worthy and great steps to help raise awareness of depression that we trust will bring understanding and help  to the many who are perplexed and troubled  by mental anxieties and depression.  Philly’s death has brought us insight to the hopelessness and torment of depression. We hope with all our hearts that the outcome of that amazing cycle ride to Turin is it will help prevent others from finding themselves in depths of despair.  Thank-you ALL for helping us and remembering Pip, our lovely daughter, sister and friend.

Pam x

SRTT TEAM RAISES £64,911.89!

Over the next few days cheques totalling £32,455,94 will be paid to both The Charlie Waller Trust Charity No: 1109984) and to The Human Givens Foundation (Charity No: 1108432).  SLOW RIDE TO TURIN raised an incredible £64,911.89 (and this is the total without gift aid!). Both charities focus on helping to prevent/relieve the overwhelming pain of depression and anxiety.

We are thrilled, and this amazing total exceeds far more than we had ever imagined we would raise.  For those of you who followed the journey on our website www.slowridetoturin.co.uk  will have concluded the journey was extraordinarily special in countless ways: the weather, the camaraderie of the 28 cyclists, the amazing places we stayed, the lovely food and meals we all shared, a safe journey for everyone to Turin, and now this truly amazing amount of money raised for our Charities.

We miss her every day,  but what a profound testament Slow Ride to Turin has been for gentle, lovely Philly.   Thank you EVERYONE who has supported the ride, cycled the ride, supported us, always with the memory of  dear Pip never far away.

SRTT Charity Giving page closing on Jan 21st

Happy New year to all those who have supported and been a part of Slow Ride to Turin 2012!

Though the cycle itself lasted less than 2 weeks, the journey for me and many others lasted much longer with all the planning, training and fundraising before and after. It has been a challenging journey both physically and mentally and there were a lot of ups and downs along the way (quite literally) but it has been a wonderful and enriching experience and a perfect tribute to my sister Philippa.

The support we have received from all sorts of people from all walks of life has been truly overwhelming and I can’t thank you all enough. The total we have raised to date is now over £60,000 which is an immense sum and I know The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and The Human Givens Foundation will be able to make some significant progress with this.

WE ARE GOING TO CLOSE THE ONLINE CHARITY GIVING PAGE FOR SRTT ON 21st JANUARY 2013 so if you would like to make any last minute donations make sure you get them in before then! I will aim to keep the SRTT website up to date with what the charities are up to and what the money we have all raised is put towards.

If you would like to continue to support either of the charities after the 21st, the ‘charities’ pages have links to their websites.

All the best for a happy 2013 full of good food and two wheeled adventures.



News at Christmas Time

The Three Counties Swing Band gave us all  a fun, foot-tapping  and festive evening on Sunday.  With the sense of Chritsmas in the air (mulled wine and mince pies) , some of us started to swing to the silvery tones of the talented band.  A big thank you to the The Band and to Kerry Spong who made the fantastic mince pies for the evening. The evening raised a wonderful £450 for SRTT.  Thank you also to everyone who came along to enjoy the evening.

 John Govier from BBC Radio Devon will be interviewing Maddy and me between 10-11am on Thursday 27th December, 2012.  If you’re home washing up, peeling spuds or somewhere in Devon remember to tune in to capture a little of what SRTT has achieved. 

Lastly, thank-you to all and everyone who has supported SRTT in so many different ways.  From cyclists to sponsors, from well wishes and prayers  we couldn’t have done it without you, nor without dear Pip in our thoughts.  A happy and peaceful Christmas to you all.

PS –  money is still trickling from different sources. This will be posted to the total sap.

Three Counties Swingband Evening

The  ever popular Three Counties Swingband will present an evening of 


DATE:  16th December, 2012

PLACE:  Uplyme Village Hall

TIME:  7.30pm -10pm


Tickets £6 available from Serendip Bookshop Lyme Regis or Archway Bookshop Axminster or telephone 01 297 678497

Tickets are selling quickly, so if you want to come, reserve your tickets asap

All profits in aid of SLOW RIDE TO TURIN

Charity Auction raises £4000 for SRTT

The Charity Auction on Saturday night at Newlands  raised a whopping £4,000 for SRTT fund.   Yet again people have been so generous:  by giving, by buying and by being there  It was a fab’ evening with everyone entering into the spirit of it all. (By the way, I am  now the very proud owner of a unique and rather wonderful yellow bicycle).

Our heartfelt thanks to Jackie and Rex along with the Newlands Team for making us feel all  so welcome, to Jim Rowe for his ardent and commanding auctioneering skills, for everyone who contributed the wealth of gifts and of course everyone who spent so lavishly and then danced the night away.  Thank you all – we are lucky to have such lovely friends.

BBC Spotlight video and article

Watch the recent BBC Spotlight/Devon article and video!


Blessed by the Girl in the Yellow Cardigan

During the recent days of our home-coming, it has become apparent how the cyclists have missed their lycra, missed their daily mission, missed the warm comradeship of the journey.  Not only this, I have missed the blue van, and find the flimsy gear-box of a GOLF is no comparison for the trusty old friend I got to know during those extraordinary days of our journey to Turin.  More meaningfully though, these last few days have given me a chance to think about what this journey has given to us all.

Less than 6 months before her death Pip had talked of doing a long cycle ride….. had even bought herself a Hi Viz jacket.  So when Maddy first mooted the idea of SRTT it really did not seem so ridiculous, and in a way, the obvious thing to do to celebrate Pip’s adventurous nature and her passion for Seasonal, Local, Organic and Wild foods. Plans for the ride began in September.   Perhaps the many months spent preparing the journey have unconsciously helped to ease the pain of Philly’s death. Aside from the safe return of all the cyclists, fine weather and good companionship I am not sure what my expectations had been for journey.

Thankfully, those few hopes were fulfilled AND so very much more.  My admiration grew for each and everyone of the cyclist; their spirited determination, their unity, their friendship, their fun was uplifting and we seemed to create a dreamlike yellow bubble where everyone carefully looked after each other.  Each day brought poignant reminders of dear Pip.  Somedays Nonie, Caroline, Hugh and I would recognise some exquisite patisserie or the local delicacies which she would have waxed lyrical about, others a beautiful butterfly would loiter around at our lunch time picnic spot…

The most moving time for me was the route from Chambery to Col de Cenis; three breathtaking days of a cloudless Alpine Autumn, where it seemed we had the road to ourselves and everything was bathed in a golden light: sunflowers, golden vines, vivid yellow leaves, sun-peaked mountains and finally, on the last morning, the yellow-shuttered chapel on the mountain.  That same day, yet sixty miles later, our stream of yellow ducklings pedalled their way through the busy streets of Turin to arrive safely, and on time, at The Lingotto Building.  Quite a moment for us all!  Two days later there was snow on our Alpine route, we wouldn’t have made it, quietly affirming the journey was meant to be.

The remarkable journey has been enriching, lifelong friendships formed, and for many, these days will be some of the best in their lives with unforgettable memories to treasure.  None of this would have happened but for the influence and inspirations of the girl in the yellow cardigan who loved nothing more than to have an adventure with her friends and share some good food.  We feel blessed – thank you Philly. XX

SRTT raise over £50,000!

The accountant (my dad) has been busy at work since our return from Turin banking cash & cheques and making the books add up…..and now we’ve got to the bottom line, I’m delighted to announce that Slow Ride to Turin has raised to date over £50,000 in donations alone (i.e. NOT including money from our sponsors or gift aid).

This includes 673 seperate donations on our charity Giving page (http://www.charitygiving.co.uk/slowridetoturin) and hundreds more offline donations.

This is truly fantastic and a reflection of so many peoples efforts in promoting SRTT and raising awareness of depression. So thank you for your support, encouragement, sponsorship and lovely messages.

I have always said however, that it’s not all about the money and that we want to raise awareness of depression and get people talking more openly about this delicate topic. And I really feel that this has happened – maybe it’s quite localised, but I feel there’s a ripple of people starting to talk and helping each other…

New Flickr account for SRTT

Nick is the first rider to upload some super photos to our new FLICKR account!  Check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/slowridetoturin/